Settling In Sessions

When a parent decides that Poppykins Daycare is ideal for them and their family they will be asked to enter into and sign a contract with the service. The contract will be probationary for the period of the first month from the date childcare begins. The contract can be cancelled at any time without notice by parent or childminder during this probationary period. This allows the parent, child and childminder to have a trial period and ensure the setting is working for them and meeting everyone's needs. The contracted agreement for cancellation applies after the 1-month probationary period. 

Once the contract is signed then settling in sessions will be arranged which will help the child familiarise themselves with the setting, myself and they can get to know the other children they will be playing with. 

The child will be dropped off at my home door or picked up from their home. The goodbye will be kept brief so the child does not get upset. I will send photographs during the settling in session so you may see they are settled. 

 I use Pacey Contracts for all children attending Poppykins Daycare. They may be completed online or a paper copy is available. A registration fee of £30 is payable when the contract is issued. 

Settling in sessions are charged at £8 per hour.