Daily Fees 2024

I like to make things simple for parents, therefore my daytime fees include all outings, healthy vegan meals and snacks, nappies, wet wipes, sun cream, outdoor overalls and jackets, wellies, sun hats, swimming wear, sun shoes, logo t-shirts and jumpers. I ask parents to supply three changes of clothes as we do lots of messy and wet activities and initially any comforters and cups their child drinks from.

Fees (Monday to Friday)

Price / Day

Daytime Children (Up To 10 Hours Between 06:30am to 6:30pm)

Additional Hours Are Charged At £10 Per Hour


School Children AM Session (6:30am to 8:50am)


School Children PM Session (3:30pm to 6:30pm)


School Children School Holidays (Up To 10 Hours)

Additional Hours Are Charged AT £10 Per Hour


I accept cash, bank transfer, Tax-free childcare and Pre-Registered Childcare Vouchers when settling your fees. Should any late payment be submitted, an additional charge of £10 per day will be applied until payment is cleared. This amount will be included in the following month's fees.

All child absences (sickness) require a full fee to be paid.

All Bank Holidays which fall on contracted days require a full fee even if you are on holiday. 

Absence due to poor weather requires payment in full. Absence/Closure due to COVID/Isolation or circumstances beyond my control are charged at half fee.

If a child is late being picked up then a fee of £8 for every 15 minutes over the contracted hours will be charged.

All fees are to be paid in advance of the forthcoming month. All time that is booked will be charged for in full whether taken or not. 

My holidays will require a half fee to be paid by yourself even if we are on holiday at the same time. A half fee is required when parents are on holiday.